Formula One 2012: the highlights

Perez in the wet in Malaysia

Did he put it off the road deliberately, under orders from some greater Team Ferrari secret society?

Did he hell, but Sergio Perez's drive in Malaysia to finish a challenging second behind Fernando Alonso and another later in the season on Ferrari's home ground at Monza was enough to ensure McLaren moved quickly to make sure he was on their team for 2013. Then again, Ferrari repeatedly said he was not their man.

So who's right? In 2012 we saw glimpses of a supertalent, but plenty more talent that's still to be finessed. We're not convinced at Sunday Afternoon Club. And Sauber? Well the Sauber-Ferrari could well have won a race in 2012, but the promise that lasted all the way through the mid-season faded by the end as the small team inevitably fell off the fiscal cliff and stopped spending on this year's car. Next year's car will be driven by Nico Hulkenberg, so maybe Ferrari did get its man after all...