Formula One 2012: the highlights

Marussia's brave bid for tenth

Marussia have been impressive this year, Caterham have not. Neither may have scored, but the embarrassment is all Caterham's. It has a lot more money, the cars have KERS, in Heikki Kovalainen it has (or had) a grand prix winner, who has driven for McLaren.

We were pretty sad then that a slightly questionable move on Sunday dropped Marussia back to 11th in the queue for Bernie's money, behind Caterham who have more already and have squandered it this year. We like Marussia. It's hard to forget the team's name hit the front pages this year when its test driver Maria di Vilota suffered an accident that sounded, for a while, like the worst that could happen. And Marussia have quite possibly introduced genuine new talent to F1 with Charles Pic. It sucks all over again that they've lost him - and his backer's money - to Caterham.