Fresh Formula - Hero Impulse

Breaking convention can be a deeply satisfying exercise. It’s as much a part of our system as is following it. There’s a reason why all commuter bikes look the same and everyone in a bank wears the same clothes. It’s easy to follow convention and, to some degree, the lack of recognition works in their favour.

But then, we love the ones who break the rules too. The thing is, it has to be done well to stick with the public. It can’t be a half-hearted stab for the sake of being different. Remember the scorn on your parents’ faces when you first grew your goatee. Much like how consumers rejected a big hatchback that Standard sold in the name of driving pleasure. And the way mini-discs never really took off.

But think also about the ones that were done right – they’re icons now. Apple and its repertoire of gizmos, Suzuki with its simple and fun to drive Swift, James Hetfield and his goatee – the list goes on.