Fresh Formula - Hero Impulse

It isn’t a completely new concept, I know, but to have the testicular fortitude to go ahead and do it when another ‘sporty-commuter’ could’ve done the job is praiseworthy. It’s styled well too, with the long travel suspension, high exhaust wrapped around the engine, narrow seat running till the base of the tank, and that plastic beak for a front fender. They even considered adding a serrated foot brake lever, but never ended up doing it.

Consequently, the knuckle protectors don’t have braces to hold them up, which make them useless. The footpegs have rubber caps instead of metal edges. The engine doesn’t have a bash board to protect it when you go off-road. And the handlebar feels way too low for a motorcycle of this sort. In fact, after you ogle its off-road stance and climb aboard to get a feel for it, the Impulse feels rather normal.