Fresh Formula - Hero Impulse

There’s no point comparing the Impulse with anything on sale, it’ll just beat them hollow. The only disappointment is that Hero could’ve used the Impulse to make a solid statement. One that would define its future. Somewhere along the line, it decided not to, and tried to cram practicality and affordability into the motorcycle – an ideology I’m finding difficult to swallow.

The attention to detail went missing, the frame was patched up in a hurry, riding posture went wrong and the thin front forks look a little wobbly. It could’ve been priced Rs 10,000 more than it is with these little bits covered and it still would’ve been an eye-catcher, a conversation starter, possibly a bike that defines Hero’s ambition to do things different.

For now, it remains a good, smooth motorcycle that has the distinction of being a first, but will it change the way we look at motorcycles and ride them? I have my doubts.

(Words: Debabrata Sarkar, Photos: Himanshu Pandya)