Gallery: the best of SEMA 2012


There's always one car at SEMA that outshines all the others for sheer brilliance and ingenuity. This year that car is the remarkably gorgeous Mach Forty. It started life as a 1969 Mach 1 Mustang and has, over the past three years and many hundreds of thousands of dollars (they are not saying how many, but it's a lot) become an amalgam of the original car and a 2006 Ford GT.

The end result is little short of perfect. Featuring a supercharged flex fuel-adapted GT engine that can drink anything from moonshine (really) to avgas and produce 800hp while doing so, plus bespoke everything else, it is the machine every muscle car wants to be when it grows up.

The owner could have bought any number of supercars instead of the Mach Forty but he spent the cash on building this one-off instead as he didn't want a modern-looking car. A Morgan would have been a cheaper, faster route to that end. But without a fraction of the charisma of this fabulous Ford.

(Words: Pat Devereux, Photos: Andy Tipping)