Gallery: the long road to the Jaguar F-Type

The world got that little bit louder this week, as the first Jaguar F-Types arrived on their grateful customer’s drives. It’s hard to disagree with boss Adrian Hallmark’s declaration that Jaguar just isn’t Jaguar without a properly ballsy sports car at its heart.

Still, it's not as if Jag hasn’t built a fast car since the last E-Types rolled off the line at the now demolished Brown’s Lane plant 39 years ago...

And Ian Callum, Jaguar’s Director of Design, has had a hand in more than one of them. So who better to bring through the concept cars and coupes, sportscars and supercars that kept the F-Types seat warm until now?

And pay attention TopGear.commers, as Ian has some fascinating revelations: how Jaguar and Aston Martin were working on mid-engined Boxster rivals in the early 2000s; the real story behind the Aston Martin DB7; how the XJS could have packed a mid-mounted V12; the secret, second CX-75; and the very first official picture of the XJ42, the car Jag wanted to replace the E-Type Coupe in 1996.

Click on for Ian’s thoughts on Jaguar's road to the F-Type.