Gallery: the long road to the Jaguar F-Type

Ian Callum on… the 2011 C X16

We had finished the design of F Type by this point, and as you know it was designed as a convertible. There were a number of reasons for this, but mainly because, at the time, the convertible market was bigger than the coupe market. That’s not true anymore.

Having an opportunity to show a car at the Paris Motor Show, I wanted to see what a coupe version of the car might look like, and so we created the roofed version. I was keen to protect the "drop off" of the rear profile, as on the convertible (which is something the original E Type did with such dramatic effect). Another of the features we wanted to look at was the potential of the side-opening door. A bit of fun, but unfortunately such a door would not be practical for production.

“I absolutely love the design of this car...I hope we can build something like it one day as I am sure it would be an extremely worthy successor to the E type. To me, the E- Type coupe was so much prettier than the roadster.”

(Words: Ian Callum / Michael Harvey)