Gallery: the one-off Nissan Juke-R

Unless you've spent the last few years inhaling the perma-tanned flatulence of reality television to the exclusion of everything else, you may have noticed the car industry's taste for downsizing. Something to do with saving Brazilian sea turtles, apparently.

Anyway, Nissan appears to have received only half of this memo, because it has downsized its raucous GT-R... into a Juke.

Confused? Just over two months ago, Nissan's official Juke Facebook page revealed a sketch of a steroidal version of the urban crossover with the cryptic line, "is this car exciting enough for you?"

Clearly, it was. You nearly melted our Internet when we published the picture. Since, Nissan has slowly teased the reveal of the car, showcasing what it was, and how it was birthed. And what it is, is remarkable.