Gallery: the Pagani Zonda in pics

Trawling back through the history of Pagani requires nothing more than the cerebral capacity of a spectacularly amnesiac goldfish. This is because the company has made only two cars, the second of which - the Huayra - has only just gone into production.

Here's the interesting bit though. Mr Pagani himself began work on the Huayra ten years ago, because he was afraid the Zonda, his initial creation, would date very quickly. He thought that his bombastic, raucous, dramatic and downright bonkers supercar wouldn't be able to keep up with machinery like the Porsche Carrera GT, or the Ferrari Enzo, or even the Bugatti Veyron.

But of course, it did. Like an indefatigable zombie assassin, the Zonda just regenerated, grew bigger, stronger, faster and more pointy. And just when you thought, ‘OK Horacio, that's really enough pointy Zonda-ness, thanks', comes the ludicrously pointy and ludicrously powerful and quite ludicrously fast Zonda Revolucion. That, dear Internet, is 789bhp and 1070kg worth of farewell; a sort of carbon-fibre, V12-shaped encore for one of the hypercar world's most outspoken rebels. It's like Batman punching you goodbye.

So this got us thinking. If this really is the end of a car inspired by the championship-winning Sauber Mercedes C9 of the late 80s (fact fans), we thought it pertinent to take you through the very entertaining Story of Zonda. And it all begins many moons ago, in a land not very far away, with less horsepower than a modern BMW M3...