Gallery: the Pagani Zonda in pics

Pagani Zonda C12

The C12 was Pagani's entrance into the Supercar club. Not so much a wax-sealed invitation and polite knock on the door, but landing on the roof in a chopper, rappelling down the sides and crashing in through the windows. No racing heritage, no superstar glam, just carbon-fibred excellence. Horacio was enamoured by the splendiferous Sauber-Mercedes C9 sportscars that raced from '87 to '89, and based the Zonda's design on this (the C9, despite a poor showing in '87, finished 2nd in the championship in '88 and dominated in '89, taking the title).

The original Zonda packed a 6.0-litre 394bhp AMG V12, mounted in the middle, surrounded by a carbon fibre monocoque, an exquisite blend of interior craftsmanship and materials, and incredible technical detail. Splendid.

It also had exactly half the power of the new Revolucione model. Times have moved on, haven't they?