Geneva Motor Show 2014: the tuners

FAB Design

When a certain Mr J. Clarkson tested McLaren’s new hybrid hypercar, the P1, he claimed it was a giant leap for mankind.

But a small tuning company reckons it can make that giant leap a tiny bit bigger.

FAB Design managed to get their hands on one of the first P1s, adding added more parts and carbon to try and improve the 903bhp McLaren’s frankly shoddy performance.

There are extra spoilers on the spoiler, because McLaren obviously didn’t do enough testing in their F1 wind tunnel. FAB has also grafted on bigger carbon deflectors on the side, to aid the airflow P1 designer Frank Stephenson obviously missed.

There’s also full carbon composite wheels like on Koenigsegg's One:1 because McLaren’s gorgeous lightweight P1 wheels are far too common. Aren’t they?