Geneva Motor Show: the tuners

Hamann Mystere Range Rover

Land Rover worked tirelessly in development to try and reduce the weight of the new Range Rover. And thanks to the new all-aluminium monocoque body/chassis, they managed to shave 420kg from its predecessor. That was last year. But now it's March. And like every ambitious person who reluctantly joins Weight Watchers, there's always the temptation to put that weight back on, and Hamann has done just that. Say hello to the ‘Mystere'.

Thanks to wide fenders, a wide bonnet, a wide front bumper, a wide front spoiler, a wide rear bumper and wide side sills, they've made it wide. Exactly 80mm wider than before. Which is two dress sizes. Wowza.

There's also fully-functional faux exhaust outlets, horrendous panel gaps and a fabulously frou-frou chrome pink wrap so garish Katie Price might consider it a tad de trop.