Geneva Motor Show: the tuners

Mansory G Speranza Cabrio

Geneva just wouldn't be the same without Mansory. Its stand is the Aladdin's cave of gaudiness. You want a carbon fibre and gold ostrich skin office chair - they've got it. Matte black, modified golf buggy? No problem. But the thing that most caught our (and everybody else's) attention was Mansory's ‘Beach Officer Barbie on narcotics edition G500 Cabrio', or what the Swiss tuner likes to call: Speranza Cabrio.

Its stance has been enhanced by 20mm through new carbon fibre wings that match the new front bumper and carbon fiber hood. It's also sitting on fresh 24-inch wheels, because we all know the more power you have the more inches you need right?

The G500's engine has been completely reworked with new pistons, connecting rods, rod bearings, crankshaft, crank, a new cylinder head and more. The result is 700hp and an electronically limited torque output of 900nm. Still not powerful enough for you? Then you need the Mansory Gronos, a 840hp fixed-roof G63 with an electronically-limited 1000Nm of torque.