Geneva Motor Show: the tuners

MTM T5 VIP Klassen Business Van

German tuner MTM claims its modified VW T5, "allows you to do your business in comfortable and luxurious surroundings." That may be true, but it looks like the ultimate slumber party on wheels to us.

There are leather-covered, ergonomically adapted and air-conditioned seats within easy reach of the bar and refreshments centre. There's also full connectivity so you can order in pizza to your van, before settling in to a night of 3D gaming or films on 32-inch LCD TV. The electronics are controlled by an iPad, and the whole thing is soundproofed so you can turn your rolling slumber party up to 11.

And you'll be moving at speed as MTM haven't just sorted the entertainment: there's over a 100 more horsepower than the standard van (310hp).

(Words and Pictures: Rowan Horncastle)