Geneva show: meeting the bosses

Maserati generated some welcome heat with its sweet Alfieri concept. A session with the boss, Harald Wester, is never to be missed, mainly because he speaks his mind, and his mind tends to be rather impatient.

Especially if you mention the word ‘hybrid’ or ‘electric’. He is not a fan. ‘As long as there is no legislative reason to do it,’ he says, ‘we won’t do it. This isn’t me being dogmatic, it’s pragmatic.’

Hmm. Maybe a little bit dogmatic, Harald. But that’s OK.

‘There is a lot of politics and a lot of nonsense talked [about hybrids]. As we sit here, there is no benefit to the electric car. It just moves the problem somewhere else.’

In other news, the Levante SUV won’t be a Jeep in drag, but will use QP and Ghibli components. The Alfieri, he says, is the ‘proper car to round out Maserati’s product range’, but insists it’s not a GranTurismo replacement. That soldiers on until no one is buying them any more.