Geneva show: meeting the bosses

I had a fascinating 20 minutes with Porsche’s LMP1 technical director, and former Red Bull advanced engineering man, Alex Hitzinger.

Clearly struggling to contain his planet-sized brain within the confines of his head, he refuted my suggestion that top-flight motorsport is getting too complicated for its audience. His answer was fabulously complicated in itself, but let’s just say he doesn’t share Harald Wester’s antipathy for hybrid technology.

The longest run the Porsche 919 has completed in testing is 3000km, but Hitzinger says they still just don’t know how reliable the car is yet, especially in a Le Mans scenario. My guess is that Porsche will rein in ultimate performance in favour of getting the thing to the end of the race.  So don’t expect fireworks out of the box, but no immolating batteries, either.