GM: It just got all too General

If you are done shedding tears, listening to auto experts, following pundits saying ‘I told you so’ and the all the opinions and insights pouring in about General Motors’ decision to stop selling cars in India, well, it’s not the end of it. To put it very simply, the two primary problems that lead to this is the size of General Motors – it’s too large a company to get things done, and excessive badge engineering – apart from owning many brands, none of us had any idea on what General Motors really stands for.

Hyundai is value and features, Maruti is impeccable after-sales, Toyota is reliability, VW is superb tech and dynamics. But GM? Even the company wasn’t sure. But India has seen Opel, Chevrolet, Isuzu, Subaru, Daewoo and SAIC cars all peddled as a GM, it was a cacophony of ideologies, labels and no clarity on market positioning.

Yet, GM did bring in some products that were absolutely perfect, some that reflected the company’s utter lack of interest in making cars and some that were so good, they were way ahead of their time. While others are telling you they told you so, we simply look back and the hits, the joys and the misses of Chev… no, Opel… no Dae... forget it. Let’s just stick to boring, staid and short GM.