Going nostalgic with Royal Enfield's Continental GT

Safe to assume that by the time you start reading this story, you will be something of an authority on the café racer subculture of the '60s in London. Courtesy Royal Enfield’s marketing machine, which is dispensing this wisdom via every marketing outlet it can lay its hands on.

Which is a good thing. In the space that I save by avoiding the background lecture on that subculture, I can get straight to the Royal Enfield Continental GT. Which, to begin with, looks stunning. I’ve had the bike for three days now, and I still take some time to get an eyeful of the GT before swinging a leg over. I still can’t get over how something so minimal can look so good.

The steel frame is clad in a mere three body panels: seat cowl, elongated fuel tank and battery cover. And when we say minimal, we mean it. The pillion seat is an optional extra. As are those nifty bar-end mirrors and the chrome exhaust. Worry not, though; the accessories are fairly reasonably priced.