Hammond drives the icons: Chevy Corvette

The 4.6-litre V8 stirs itself to deliver 283bhp with a filthy, lazy noise. It's glorious. The red interior on this one really is incredibly red; I've never seen so much red in one place. This car is a movie star - it drips Fifties Hollywood glamour. I'll be honest: I'm not expecting much from the drive, and it delivers according to expectations.

It's heavy, and the power comes in lazy slugs, but I simply don't care. How many of those Fifties movie stars could do much anyway - including acting, if we're honest. And despite the movies they made and the roles they played, they weren't really cowboys or gangsters - they were good-looking people who drew viewers into the screen and their fantasy worlds.

And that's what the Corvette is about. Those sculpted flanks and the incredibly pretty rear are the planes and angles that give it such devastating looks - they're certainly not the hardened, form-following-function lines of a serious racer.