Hammond drives the icons: Chevy Corvette

Rolling it around our track, perched behind the futuristic dash and the heavily curved windscreen, I could feel the positivity pouring out of it. Whatever was really going on in the world in 1953 when the first Chevrolet Corvette arrived, the car was about hope and blind, crazy optimism. We were all going to be driving hovercars and living on asteroids with robot butlers. It didn't matter that the Corvette couldn't really go into space - it looked like it could, and that's what was important.

There are no brakes to speak of, it wiggles, lurches and rolls through corners and, despite the noise and the fury, that huge V8 doesn't do much to overcome the car's bulky inertia. It was about the style, about the looks, the glamour and looking like it could go into space or blast through a desert at a million miles an hour - that was enough.