Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special: Most Improved Bike of the Year

The V-Rod was the wild child in the Harley-Davidson stable when it was launched in 2001. Unlike any Harley before, it came with a liquid-cooled V-twin motor jointly developed by Porsche. And since 2010, the Night Rod has been in India as one of the V-Rod’s alter egos, with a dark sinister look. Two years later, Harley gave this bad boy a thorough overhaul in the overseas market and it arrived in India in 2013.

Styling updates include a tiny speed screen on top of the headlight, and a tapered rear to accentuate the dragster look, along with an LED tail lamp cluster. The overall styling is a carryover with minor tweaks that make the design look sharper. The suspension has seen extensive changes to improve ride and handling. The front gets an all-new inverted fork setup and a lighter pair of alloys to make it more nimble. The handlebar and foot pegs have been moved closer to the rider to improve ergonomics.