Hero's pre-Auto Expo madness, unveils five new bikes

After Suzuki surprised us a couple of days back by unveiling the Gixxer and the Let's, Hero MotoCorp decided to trump it with a massive five-bike unveil. That too just a week before the Auto Expo!

First-up was the Leap – the same electric scooter concept shown at the 2012 Auto Expo, but now in its pre-production avatar. It's India's first electric-serial-hybrid scooter, designed keeping Hero's global markets in mind. It's powered by Li-ion batteries and a 11bhp traction motor, combined with an on-board generator set that works as a range extender for the Leap. This particular generator is powered by an all new 125cc petrol motor.

Leap's traction motor spins out max torque of 60Nm, and can touch a top speed of 100kph when running without the range extender. If you run out of battery power, the Leap can be recharged using a wall outlet. And if that’s not possible, its 3-litre fuel tank and the range extender can offer four-times the range of the batteries alone. The Leap will go on sale post October 2014.

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