Hi-Tech Police bike: Custom made

The crowd gathered pretty quickly. The emboldened ‘POLICE’ written in blue on the fuel tank was enough to attract attention. Plus, mounted on the bike were three huge boxes identical to those seen on a typical American cop bike.

Of course, this modified Royal Enfield Bullet Electra isn’t a cop bike. Not yet, at least. And it doesn’t have the finesse of a Harley-Davidson police motorcycle. That’s because it was made in a tiny, 10x13-feet garage in a small industrial zone on the outskirts of Mumbai, by a handful of local mechanics with an eye for the different. And this bunch is headed by Gabriel Zuzarte. The 31-year-old runs a company called ‘Road Rage’ where he custom-builds two-wheelers, four-wheelers and will build, in the near future, fancy three-wheelers for everyone, from college students, to businessmen to movie producers. But this, the Hi-Tech Police bike, is something Gabriel built for himself.

“The idea came from an American TV biker build-off show that I watched a couple of years back,” says Gabriel. “One of them actually built one bike and offered it to the local police force, who accepted it. I looked around to what our cops ride, and decided that they deserved something like that too. Something that will be intimidating and practical at the same time.”