Honda Brio AT vs Maruti Ritz AT

Where the Brio has the edge is in the gearbox department. It gets a five-speed unit shared with the bigger City. The Ritz on the other hand gets only a 4-speed unit. Performance-wise the Ritz is more than adept at keeping up with the little Brio. Maruti's engineers have done a fine job of mating this gearbox to the K-series engine. Shifts are effortless and for most of the part, lag-free. Even when you want a generous dose of power, all you need to do is push the pedal to the metal — the Ritz is never found wanting.

The Brio’s automatic unit is refined too, but it takes a second to summon the engine for power when you want it. There’s a lot of noise, and it takes a while to get the momentum from the engine. If you’ve driven the older Honda City CVT-automatic, you’ll know what we mean. Thanks to the extra gear, the Brio has the clear edge when doing triple-digit speeds. The engine, spinning at a relatively low 2000rpm at around 110kph keeps the cabin relatively silent.