Honda Brio AT vs Maruti Ritz AT

The Ritz, which doesn’t get the luxury of a fifth cog has its rpm needle at 2500rpm and feels marginally more noisier than its Honda nemesis. While we didn’t have time enough to gun for a fuel-efficiency run, Maruti has the edge in its claims. The company claims a figure of 17.1kpl compared to Honda’s 16.5kpl claims.

Out on the highway, both cars feel stable doing triple-digit speeds. However, the tall-boy Ritz tends to catch the strong crosswinds. That said, the suspension soaks up patch-worked roads with brilliance. The Brio is considerably adept at dealing with bad roads too. For a car whose wheelbase is smaller than even the Alto’s, ride quality is exemplary, with very little of the road filtering into the cabin.

Both cars get the option of sticking the shift into D2 and L modes to keep the gears in lower ratios and ensure rapid progress (or when you’re going downhill for effective engine braking).