Honda Brio AT vs Maruti Ritz AT

While the Ritz will take 2-3 weeks to arrive, you'll have to wait an extra month (or two, depending on which part of the country you are in) for the Brio. Which means one point less for the Brio, then.

In the overall analysis, both cars are stellar in completely different ways. The Honda is clearly the better value deal, with all that kit and  a lower price tag. There's even a low-spec S version to choose from. So spec-to-spec, you can get the Brio for around Rs 38,000 less than the Ritz. That said, you will struggle to recommend it to an owner who intends to use it as a family wagon. Though the Ritz trails the Brio in terms of price and equipment, you’d be happier in it if you were transporting the entire family. The more useable boot and extra cabin room make it feel a class higher than the Brio, and a happier place to be when stuck in a jam.

(Words: Ashish Masih, Photos: Nitin Rose)