Honda CB Trigger vs Yamaha FZ-S

If you see a mobile phone dating from when these phones first came to India, it reminds you of simpler times when phones were used mainly to make and receive calls. You didn’t have too many models to choose from, and it was quite likely that the phone in your pocket was similar to the one used by your father-in-law.

Then, suddenly, the market evolved and mobile devices started to do things we’d never expected them to. The number of manufacturers too increased manifold, and today, the market is flooded with phones of every size and shape catering to a whole range of whims and fancies.

The motorcycle market in India is more or less singing the same tune. Earlier, every player in the market had one contender catering to a particular segment. But with time, the market evolved, and cutthroat competition and customer demands gave birth to a dizzying range of sub-segments. Today, every manufacturer has more than a couple of models catering to the same segment with similar specs but slightly different looks and features.