Honda CB Trigger vs Yamaha FZ-S

Take, for example, the Yamaha FZ-S. It looks identical to the FZ16 but promises to offer more than its sober 150cc commuter cousins, the SZ-S and SZ-RR. Honda too has an answer to this premium 150cc segment in the shape of the CB Trigger, which is the expensive alternative to the Unicorn. So, Yamaha’s FZ-S and Honda’s CB Trigger were born with similar goals – to offer more than a regular 150cc commuter.

Along with practicality, these motorcycles come across as sporty and stylish alternatives to their respective 150cc siblings. But which one is more fun? To find out, we put them through a mixed week of torturous daily commutes to work, run some errand and a trip to the mountains for a well deserved break.

So we start with the styling. Despite being more than three years old, the FZ-S doesn’t look a day older than the first time it rolled out of the Yamaha factory. All credit to the evergreen FZ1-inspired styling and the new body graphics, which complement the FZ-S’s aggressive stance.