Honda CB Trigger vs Yamaha FZ-S

The CB Trigger looks a bit sedate in comparison. Sure, it’s got modern styling, but a closer inspection reveals the headlamp with bikini fairing and the sculpted fuel tank with pseudo air intake resemble the ones on the Yamaha. Inoffensively designed, the Trigger is a decent bike to look at, but out in the open, the FZ-S is more likely to turn heads.

Both have single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke units. Both have five-speed gearboxes, and while both make 14bhp of power, the FZ-S’s 153cc unit churns out 13.6Nm of torque, compared to the Trigger’s 12.5Nm developed from its 149cc motor.

Get astride these bikes and their intentions are clear almost instantly. Both have comfortable seats but the Honda has the edge. And while the FZ-S, with its low-set handlebar, gives you a tipped-forward riding position, the Trigger’s upright riding style with its conventional handlebar is more commuter-friendly. So if your daily travel involves peak traffic, the Trigger will prove more comfortable.