Honda CB Trigger vs Yamaha FZ-S

Honda CB Trigger

Engine: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, 149.1cc
Power: 14bhp@8500rpm
Torque: 12.5Nm@6500rpm
Transmission: 5M
Weight: 137kg
Fuel efficiency: 37.6kpl
Fuel capacity: 12 litres
Tyre size (f/r): 100/80-R17 /110/80-R17
Price: Rs 90,800 (on-road, Mumbai)

Pros: Refined engine, comfortable seat, brakes
Cons: Lacks drama, switchgear

The verdict
The Trigger does everything the FZ-S does. But it lacks drama and tilts more towards being a commuter than a sporty Indian motorcycle

Rating: 7/10