Honda City AT vs Ford Fiesta AT

You have to agree. Most people’s idea of hassle-free motoring is to hire a driver for Rs 10,000 a month (if not more) and sit in the back, never enjoying what their machines have to offer. The word ‘automatic’ is a red flag for them, because they associate automatics with high fuel consumption, poor performance and maintenance costs.

Carmakers have struggled to change these perceptions, and now, with more and more automatics entering the market, this could be the next big thing, with common rail tech (and skewed fuel pricing) tilting the scales in favour of diesel motors. Well, at least that’s what the gents at Ford feel. The new Fiesta automatic comes with a six-speed gearbox, which seems to be the most advanced auto gearbox not only in its segment but also this side of the million-rupee mark. In fact, Ford is so sure about this ’box, it claims it won’t need any servicing or maintenance for over 1,00,000km.