Honda City AT vs Ford Fiesta AT

Ford’s party piece is the dual-clutch – a first for this segment and price point. It’s much like the famed DSG units from VW, only here it uses a dry clutch unlike the wet clutch in the German unit.  These types of gearboxes are inherently more efficient than their torque converter cousins. So the Fiesta comes with brilliant technology you say. But when it has to take on rivals like the Honda City, nothing short of brilliance will suffice. The City on the other hand uses a five-speed automatic, which is the traditional torque converter type.

From the outside, there is no difference in the cars from their manual versions. The Fiesta, with its cuts, elongated headlamps stretching to the fenders, and large chin looks sporty. But with that raised rear, it doesn’t look as cohesive as its rival here (the sedan is based on a hatchback).