Honda City AT vs Ford Fiesta AT

The Fiesta as expected has the better dynamics package. The steering, which is heavier than the City’s, offers direct feel and generous feedback. Ride quality is brilliant at most speeds. That big pothole on the road will not enter the cabin thanks to the well-sorted suspension. High-speed dynamics are better.

The Fiesta feels well planted at any speed and there’s very little that upsets it. The City on the other hand has a light steering, which makes it a cinch to drive around town. Yes, it’s nimble to park in the city and dart around in traffic, but the suspension allows sharp road crevices to filter into the cabin, and it doesn’t feel as well-planted as the Fiesta. Plus the suspension is noisier than the Fiesta’s, with plenty of thumps and thuds filtering into the cabin.

The Ford Fiesta does pack a punch, but it loses out heavily on rear seat space, which is very important in this segment. It may have more equipment and be more fuel efficient as well, but the Honda City is more of an all-rounder. It comes with a fantastic engine, which will go on and on without fuss. It’s got a nice cabin and has enough space.

Sure, it isn’t the best value proposition out there, but traditionally, the Honda badge has carried better resale value. The Fiesta is a good effort, but to beat something like the City, simply meeting the benchmark doesn’t cut it. It must break the bench, and that unfortunately the Fiesta doesn’t.

(Words: Ashish Masih, Photos: Nitin Rose)