Honda City gets back in the game

Indian politics in its current avatar, as most of you would agree, isn’t in the best of shape. You don’t need to be a current affairs pundit to gauge that. And if a politically challenged, law-abiding, tax-paying citizen like me can sense this, I’m sure others can too. Corruption is at its peak, enactment of modern laws is happening at snail’s pace and the leadership skills of our leaders is questionable at best.

What we need now are dynamic and decisive leaders. Leaders who are supported by a team that can take key decisions swiftly, leaders who can bring in a revolution, leaders we can really look up to.

The way we all did when the first-generation Honda City broke cover. Sure, it was overpriced, but it was still a breath of fresh air in a market choked with mundane Point A-to-Point B cars, in which the focus rarely moved beyond fuel efficiency. The City brought in a mini-revolution of sorts. It also gave the average Indian an opportunity to dream big, own something powerful, quick and efficient – all combined in a family sedan.