Honda CR-V: Cold Boot

Let’s face it. James Bond wouldn’t be seen driving one of these. Because even in its new rejuvenated avatar, the CR-V isn’t half as cool as an Aston Martin. In the movies, you will never find a CR-V in the battlefield dodging bullets or being his partner in saving the world.

But then, who said the movies were about practicality? The movies leave that sort of stuff for real life. And a real life James Bond, sorry to disappoint you, wouldn’t mind Q having a go at the CR-V because it’s quick, quiet, reliable and not as flashy as an Aston, which makes it perfect for stealth work.

This is the fourth-generation CR-V. That’s supposed to stand for Compact Recreational Vehicle. The name suggests in no uncertain terms the primary intention of the vehicle – recreation. What they didn’t say was that the owners need to do that bit, the car won’t. It will merely get you to your playground, whatever the sport, complete with all the paraphernalia.