Honda CR-V: Cold Boot

Honda has been selling the CR-V in India for a decade now. We first got the second-gen model, which was no larger than a big hatch. It sold because we didn’t have much to choose from back then. Only with the third-gen model that came to India in 2006 did the CR-V really grow into something that could be called a conventional SUV size.

And we bought this one too, because it was supremely refined and reliable. In fact, Honda sold nearly 14,000 CR-Vs until August last year. Which is when it ran out of the third-gen imports. And there’s one major difference in this new CR-V. It’s made in India. Or, more accurately, it’s assembled here, which means it’ll be available at a price that will look less obscene than the previous-gen model. I suppose now you really want to know more.