Honda CR-V: Cold Boot

Okay, so first off, there’s no diesel for India yet. There, got that out the way. Just so you know, the CR-V is available with a 2.2 oil burner in Europe and it is the pick of the lot, according to my counterparts there. We have no reason to challenge that, but Honda’s diesel is still new and a bit in the exclusive club there. Not to mention, there’s enough demand and not enough production to be supplied elsewhere in the world. So, we stick to petrol engines for ourselves.

Let’s start with the 2-litre, front-wheel-drive model, now available with the option of a five-speed automatic gearbox. The engine is the same displacement as the previous model, but a lot quicker given the 13 additional horses. At 154bhp and 190Nm, it is similar in performance to the bigger 2.4-litre CR-V from last year. So, gone are any traces of lethargy. Torque hasn’t changed, and neither has the manual gearbox. But it still is a very driveable car. You could coast in third gear for all you care and the motor doesn’t show a hint of discomfort. The gear ratios have changed and while they’ve increased fuel efficiency by a bit, they’ve also managed to improve driveability, which sounds a bit suspect. But it's actually true. The only trouble here is, the throws of the manual tranny are heavy, and considering the rest of the car is so smooth, you may want to ask Honda, why?