Honda CR-V: Cold Boot

Honda seems to have figured out everything that future CR-V owners are looking for. Yes, they want a diesel too, but since that’s not much of a choice even for Honda, it's decided to make the most of what it has. The new car is in many ways a lot better than the outgoing model. Looks can be subjective and I know enough people who either love or hate the way it looks.

The old bulbous design has given way to a sleeker one, although the in-your-face grille is still a tad too much to take. There is the option of a mesh grille with the Elegance package available at the dealer level, but that brings with it an overdose of chrome bits as well.

Ultimately, if the CR-V is to be bought, it is for its practicality. Firm ride, refined mechanicals, robust electronics, space for serious luggage – it’s so packed to the gills with efficiency that there’s no room for emotion. Which, many times, isn’t entirely a bad thing. Ask Q.

(Words: Girish Karkera, Photos: Nitin Rose)