Honda CR-V vs Hyundai Tucson: Soft skills experts

In the past one year, I’ve driven more petrol-powered SUVs than the total number of cars I’ve driven during my life. Until last year, it was almost unimaginable that big, brawny machines could be powered by anything apart from sticky fuel. Yeah, a few things acted as catalysts to change the perception of petrol engines in people’s minds; such as the diesel ban in Delhi and the uncertainty that followed, even after the ban was lifted. But through all this, if there’s one SUV that has stood strong and made people reconsider their opinions about petrol SUVs, it has to be the Honda CR-V. With the previous two generations that have been on sale in India, it developed a cult following for an SUV that rewrote rules of refinement.

The CR-V has enjoyed a free run for the past few years, with no other petrol-powered SUV in its way. But all of that is going to change. The Hyundai Tucson, with its sharp styling and long feature list, is here to challenge the time-tested CR-V. First up, the CR-V has a few aces up its sleeves that will give the Tucson a thing or two to worry about. Such as the AWD system and a sunroof. And yes, an option of two petrol engines to match your requirements.