Honda Dio vs Suzuki Swish

Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely. So, having indulged in a steady dose of power biking for some time, I decided to ride something a bit more nimble.

Despite pretending to be the heavy-biking wild guy around the office, I must admit there is something about scooters that I find exhilarating. Sure, they may not match bikes for outright speed or good old machismo, but you can’t get from a bike that sheer uncomplicated joy of laidback two-wheeling that only a scooter can give you. Moving on from the ‘scooters are cool’ campaign, let me introduce to you two new entries into the market – the Honda Dio and the Suzuki Swish, both thoroughbred scooters from Japan, out competing for a larger slice of the Indian two-wheeler buyer’s attention.

Both are based on the proven platforms of the Activa and the Access, which are already popular with the scootering set. Essentially, funky design and a flashy paint job are what separate these two from workhorse scooters like your father’s Chetak. Both of the new machines have enough aesthetic appeal so you don’t have to go red in the face and say, “It’s my mum’s” when your friends catch you on it.