Honda Dio vs Suzuki Swish

Of course, given a sufficiently large intake of drugs and/or alcohol, there are people who may plan an epic journey around the Indian subcontinent on a scooter. For the rest of us not looking for this brand of adventure, it’s best to limit these gentle machines to simpler, more achievable objectives – like the shops, for instance, for bread and eggs. Or a trip to the movies.

Both scooters have enough power, and while its bigger engine did make the Swish quick off the mark, the Dio wasn’t far behind. Where the Dio impressed is how effortlessly it climbed an incline with an overweight pillion. The Swish scores over the Dio on minor conveniences. Like the softer seat, and the riding position, which combine to make it a better scooter over long distances. And its larger frame means the Swish has the larger boot. What this meant for me was I could stow my full-face helmet in the boot rather than drag it around like a conjoined twin.

All things considered, the Swish seems the marginally better product, but when it’s time to put down the money, I’ll go with the Dio. Sure, it has shortcomings, but after all the talk is done, it has that one key ingredient more than the Swish – attitude.

(Words: Abhinav Mishra, Photos: Himanshu Pandya)