How to blag a posh car…with a watch

The vintage Navitimer is perfect, ticking the beauty, function and rarity boxes. First made in 1952, it remains in production today as one of the key pieces in the Breitling family. It introduced the bezel slide rule to the market for the first time, and in the pre-computer age quickly became the practical tool of choice for pilots. In fact, the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) adopted it as their official timepiece. One version - the Cosmonaute - was even one of the first watches in space.

Still, ostentatiously waving around a classic Breitling will help our undercover mission, but we may need more. So I also dig out the Ferragamo shirt I got married in, polish my brogues, and pull together a reasonably plausible backstory. As current editor of (current daily driver: a ‘well-used' Clio 172), I practise a tech-based lie about selling the systems that power Instagram to Google. On the way, I rehearse my spiel with photographer Rowan until I actually start to believe (and heartily wish) it's true.

Thus prepped, we arrive at the heartland of London's expensive metal, shirt cuff hitched to keep our own expensive time-teller on show.