How to blag a posh car…with a watch

Exiting another showroom, the heavens open. So we take shelter in Bob Forstner's legendary showroom at the top of Park Lane. Proprietor Bob is away, but his small collection of cars are all in situ. Ogling a Zonda F Roadster, a gorgeous yellow Diablo Jota and a Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer, we discuss possible test drives (not possible while Bob is on holiday, unfortunately).

One more try: this time a Porsche dealership. Again, it goes swimmingly, and after another delivery of my routine - plus a flash of wristwear and exchange of particulars - I'm offered a spin around the block in a lightly used Carrera 4 GTS. But not now. Come back tomorrow, says the nice man, when the roads have dried up. In the name of law and order, I then fessed up, but the offer still stood - the results of which are shown in the pic. So, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.