How to design a McLaren P1

He talks about the P1's ‘negative surfaces'. Have a look at side of the car - they took the side panel out, because you don't need it. Frank reckons that taking stuff away actually adds character to the car, and creates the feel of an exoskeleton. But simply ripping panels off doesn't make one of the best cars in the world. The P1 is going up against Ferrari's LaFerrari. And like its great rivals Ferrari, McLaren has had to push the boundaries of how a car reacts to the air around it.

"The P1 isn't concerned with aerodynamics as you'd think it is," says Frank. "It's more about downforce. When you have an engine like the P1's you don't care about aerodynamics because you know the car has enough power to be fast. The whole issue at the beginning of P1 was to generate 600kg of downforce. So it was a case of turning aerodynamics on its head."