Husqvarna Nuda 900 R in the buff

The front fender looks more like something that’d be at home on the boot of a Las Vegas limo. Every time I look over that retro-cool instrument cluster, I feel like I’m riding in the 1980s. The Nuda’s also broken into the superbike parts bin at night and made off with the suspension and brakes. And of course, I can imagine the Germans handing their F800 R motor to the Italians, who were holding lots of red paint, bigger pistons and light-switch throttles behind their backs, with their fingers crossed. German food with Italian spice – sounds like a recipe for wholesome fun, eh?

Yes, the parallel-twin motor is the same one as in the BMW F800 R – except that it displaces more mayhem and uses a 270-degree crank, resulting in the feel of a 90-degree V-twin.