Husqvarna Nuda 900 R in the buff

Handling is pretty sorted, though with a 195-kg wet weight, it isn’t exactly as flickable as all those 450s, 570s and 624.26s look on YouTube. Either that, or I’ve lost the superpowers I never had in the first place. The riding position puts you in complete control, the engine and front brakes try to wrest it away from you, while the suspension keeps up the nine-to-five behind the scenes, never really dazzling you with its brilliance. Besides, I’m not exactly your friendly neighbourhood expert supermoto rider, so I can’t get the Nuda to make a mockery of Newton and Co. In more capable hands, it will.

Happily, (as a nod to the BMW link, I presume) the exhaust’s on the left side, as on the F800 R. Why is that happy, you ask? Because the Nuda sounds brilliant – it has the “braapp braapp” mastered – and has bored out my left ear to match the Diavel’s handiwork in my right one last month. Awesome. What about dampeners? Well, a sub-Rs-10 lakh price would’ve made it irresistible, but at Rs 18 lakh, it seems a bit expensive for such a simple motorcycle. Shame, but let’s wait and watch.