Husqvarna Nuda 900 R in the buff

So, is the Nuda the perfect partner in motorcycling crime? Um, let’s put it this way – it goes on its maniacal sprees and you’re just along for the ride, almost a hostage. So it is a two-wheeled criminal. It thumbs its weird fender at convention and is living proof that to have real fun, you need not be wrapped in a fairing, staring at a cockpit throwing improbable numbers at your disbelieving face. So it does take the fight to the superpowers of the motorcycling world and is every bit the underdog.

And that’s what makes the Nuda truly special. It’s like the drunk walk home, swaying from side to side as you attempt flat-out runs. What it is, is a two-wheeled troublemaker held together more by irreverence and madness than nuts and bolts. The Nuda 900 R is no doubt one of the coolest motorcycles in the world. And how.

(Words: Kartik Ware, Photos: Himanshu Pandya)