Hyundai Elantra vs Skoda Octavia

The current Elantra’s styling is no longer a weakness, courtesy Hyundai’s striking Fluidic design theme. Sharp creases, pulled back headlamps, long tail lamps and a high waistline have made the Elantra the most striking sedan in its class. Some say Hyundai is now overdoing the Fluidic theme, that all its sedans look similar, except for the dimensions. Still, there’s little doubt that if you were to choose a car only on the basis of styling, nine out of 10 buyers would put their money on the Elantra.

But are looks the only deciding factor? Even in its latest generation, the Octy isn’t much of a looker. The lines are quite understated – which is not a bad thing. But it’s also not the sort that will make a lasting impression. It’s very Skoda, the styling.