Hyundai Santa Fe makes a generation shift

The Santa Fe is a fine case study. As most of us know, the badge isn’t new. It came to India in its second-gen version a few years ago, and immediately left us confused with is combination of sheer SUV ruggedness and anonymous looks. Buying the old Santa Fe was not an easy decision to make because there was always the lure of better-looking European and Japanese varieties that were equally, if not more, capable. Plus, there was that ever-present question of whether a Hyundai warrants a price tag on the wrong side of Rs 20 lakh.

The Santa Fe sold in limited numbers in India. Thankfully, they were bringing it in only as a CBU. But things have changed. Business has become tougher, and every model with sales potential is now being brought to India, in a bid to increase market share and make rivals more vulnerable. The new Santa Fe is one such salvo from Hyundai’s ever-expanding arsenal of capable cars.